People I like
Shannon Okey, cutting-edge, indestructable, scintillatingly witty, seemingly knowing the how-to of 12 extra hours per day:

Okey founded:

Cat Bordhi, innovative, autonomous:

Jinx, passionately ploughing her way through fiber, technique, tradition, kindly taking pictures at places where I would like to be:

Unmistakable Liz Lovick, thourough connoisseur of British knitting traditions and more:


Apart from at MAZ wolldesign there might be good yarns at these manufacturers or sellers:

If you want premium quality from Germany:

Gansey yarn at its best:

For Fair Isle you might need woollen spun yarn in some shades from:

Once upon a time I was a devoted quilter.
Since that time I know Angelika who lives at the Danish border:

A dear friend since quilting times is Gila Bunth, magnificent quilting artist and sock knitter, sometimes devoted to dragons:

My absolute hero from quilting times, who taught me to trust my heart and power:


If I want to smile: